Let your app use system APIs directly

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Use system APIs elegantly

Forget about root shell, you can use APIs with higher privileges "directly". Also, Shizuku is significantly faster than shell.

Supports adb usage

If your "root required app" only needs adb permission, you can easily expand the audience by using Shizuku.

Save your time

Shizuku has detailed documentation to guide users. Only you need to do is to let the users install Shizuku.

# As Easy as you are a system app

private static final IPackageManager PACKAGE_MANAGER = IPackageManager.Stub.asInterface(
    new ShizukuBinderWrapper(SystemServiceHelper.getSystemService("package")));

public static void grantRuntimePermission(String packageName, String permissionName, int userId) {
    try {
        PACKAGE_MANAGER.grantRuntimePermission(packageName, permissionName, userId);
    } catch (RemoteException tr) {
        throw new RuntimeException(tr.getMessage(), tr);


There a few more steps to do, like checking permission or if Shizuku is running.